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Kelly Rae and her children

Kelly Rae with her boys

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3 Generations at Oceanic Waterbabies

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The Waterbabies® program was founded by Kelly Rae in 1991.

From small beginnings and a core group of six families, Kelly has developed Oceanic Waterbabies into a world class program, teaching thousands of parents over the years how to safely and joyfully teach their babies to swim.

“I wanted the program to be nurturing, educational and empowering for parents. Our philosophy of doing it with your child... not to them, helps create a happier and more connected learning process for both parents and their babies, and it has to be fun”.

Kelly's own children were her primary teachers in understanding the importance of the parent child relationship in water and the motivation behind this highly successful program.

Kelly initially undertook training with her mentor, Australian infant aquatic expert, Cookie Harkin from Melbourne. “Cookie provided a fantastic learning foundation, believed in me and continued her support and encouragement through the years. One week with Cookie and I knew this was the work I was born to do. What could be better than the combination of working with gorgeous children, their loving families and a great environment… the water."

Kelly’s natural teaching ability and motivational speaking has been inspirational at conferences and training seminars in Australia and internationally in New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The Oceanic Waterbabies story continues to unfold, driven by a deep unrelenting passion to provide the very best guidance and support for parents wishing to teach their babies to swim.

The Waterbabies Philosophy is about love and connection

Teaching your baby to swim can be an incredibly rewarding and uplifting experience, with memories to last a lifetime. We know that what is done to the child, is absorbed by the child and becomes their way of dealing with others.

So let's get underway with a positive, loving start in the water!

We believe that "parents can make the best teachers" of their babies as the bond of trust is strongest between them. To help make this happen, we empower parents by providing essential education, expert guidance and a high level of support as they teach their baby to swim.

Our program is gentle, stimulating and fun for everyone. Our philosophy of "doing it with your child", not to your child... helps parents to connect physically and emotionally with their child, strengthening trust between them.

As baby’s feelings of trust expand, so will their natural love of learning and connection with the water. Our teaching approach revolves around "learning is play and play is learning", ultimately leading to a more positive experience and happier babies.

We aspire to leave a lasting, positive feeling

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