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We promise to answer any question you have about teaching your baby to swim. Call our office and ask away. Until then... here's a few questions that may help.



Why is Waterbabies more expensive than other swim schools?

Whether it be our warm and friendly teachers, our progressive and dynamic learning system or the high level of care we provide for families, our support and expertise is unequalled.

  • Let's start with our teachers. Our comprehensive teacher training program produces exceptionallly trained teachers. Above and beyond the Australian standard (one day course), our teachers dedicate hundreds of hours learning theory and developing hands on technical expertise.
  • Our program curriculum is highly specialised and designed to enrich each stage of your baby's natural development, enhancing physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.
  • An optimum learning environment is paramount for the best outcomes and why we only hold one lesson at a time in the pool. Parents and babies get to utilise the full pool space, minimising possible distractions as there are no other activities in the water other than the Waterbabies class.
  • Class consistency means we focus on maintaining class age groups to be developmentally compatible and do our best to keep core groups swimming together so families can experience a strong social connection over time. To motivate the natural love of learning each lesson, parents are encouraged to help their child develop at their own pace within the supportive environment of their core class.
  • Teacher consistency means we strive to provide families with the same teacher each week, each term and for many families...each year! The three way bond between teacher, parent and baby is a crucial factor to success and one we know produces the best results. Our teachers love the families they teach and delight in each and every achievement.
  • Dynamic lesson plans provide variety and stimulation each and every week with new skills introduced regularly. We like to keep it fun and interesting.
  • We give more by providing families with a high level of support and additional follow up care when needed. We offer practical strategies, private sessions, supporting written material and careful monitoring of progress to achieve long term success.
  • Generous discounts are available for siblings enrolled in the same swimming term.



What happens if my baby doesn’t like it?
  • Firstly, we encourage parents to be relaxed and present so this feeling of calm flows through to baby. (transferred anxiety is a big player in why babies feel unsettled)
  • Regardless of the trigger, in the event baby becomes unsettled or upset in the water, our teachers are very experienced and skilled in providing effective support and strategies to help parent’s work through these times. It doesn't matter what the issue, will keep working with you to find a positive solution.



What happens if I fall behind or progress ahead in my class?
  • Each child develops at their own pace physically, mentally and emotionally, therefore our classes provide adequate space needed for individual development to occur within the core group.
  • If a child needs a slower pace or is not ready to learn a particular skill, teachers will adapt the lesson plan to suit your child's ability and needs. We believe the well being of the child takes priority over any skills or activities.
  • If a child needs extending in a lesson, then teachers will also provide appropriate challenges, this way individual development potential can be maximized.



What happens when I have another baby?
  • Call and talk with our office staff, depending on when your baby is due we will be able to advise you of options to suit your personal circumstances.
  • Options may include:
    • Block payment for the term classes you are able to attend before or after your baby is born.
    • Your partner or a suitable carer could participate in lessons with you before you leave to have your baby. This “handover” will allow you to keep your child swimming and keep you place in your group.
  • Most importantly, we encourage parents to keep their child connected to the fun of swimming, as this has been shown to minimise disruption of major changes at home such as a new baby.
  • As an existing client in our program, you will receive priority options for new places when you are ready to enrol your new baby.



When will my child be ready to be independent in the water without me?
  • Our program is designed for you to stay in the water with your child until they reach graduation at age 5. This way every child has individual attention and supervision for 30 continuous minutes and far more can be achieved in each lesson.
  • Consistent physical stimulation helps keep children warm and given a short attention span, parents can encourage listening and participation throughout the lesson.
  • The ever important bond between parent and child continues to develop.
  • Our observations into the “Transition to Independence” over a 5 year period have shown children who continue to swim with their parents, even until the age of 5 show advanced skill development, emotional maturity, continued enthusiasm and a general sense of well being.
  • We can provide information on assessing your child’s readiness to graduate.

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